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GHXAMP Dual 16 Audio Level Indicator RGB Three Color Dual Channel Amplifier VU Meter DIY Automatic Brightness Sensitivity 1pcsUS $12.87
AIYIMA Amplificador Amplifiers Audio LM3886 Stereo High Power Amplifier Board OP07 DC 5534 Independent OP Amp PCB DIY KitsUS $32.25
LNA 50-4000MHz Low Noise NF0.6dB SPF5189 RF Amplifier Signal Receiver For FM HF VHF UHF Ham Radio Circuits Module BoardUS $8.84
YAQIN MC-13S 6CA7T push-pull Tube Amplifier HIFI EXQUIS lamp Integrated amp Luxury versionUS $511.70 - 525.30
HIFI Bluetooth 4.2 Stereo Audio Receiver Box CSR64215 Digital Amplifier Board JUL11 Drop shipUS $14.77
TPA3116D2 2x100W 2 Channel Digital Amplifier Audio Board 12-24V DIY Module O23 dropshipUS $8.75
Lusya TPA3116 5.1 Bluetooth 4.2 Power Amplifier Board 100W*1+50W*5 With Treble Bass adjustment preamp T0332US $43.06
Lusya 1 pair 300W E405 Amplifier Board A1943/C5200 Reference Accuphase Power AMP Circuit Module 2SA1930/2SC5171 T0356US $62.98
Lusya RCA Audio Switch Input Selection Board Stereo Relay 4-way Audio Input Signal Selector Switching Amplifier B7-002US $14.46
Lusya 20A EMI power filter Source filter Line speaker up to 4400W For Speaker Amplifier AC220V F7-010US $11.98
Lusya HIFI TAS5630 digital power amplifier board 2x300W 2.0 Channel stereo audio amplifier class D 25-50V DC F4-007US $46.98
Lusya 12V Subwoofer Amplifier Board mono 1000W for Car Audio Speaker 8 Inch 10 Inch 30-280KHz D2-007US $38.98
Lusya 4.2 Bluetooth audio receiver MP3 decoder board amplifier audio conversion board U disk card MP3 decoder B6-004US $12.99
Lusya HiFi LM3886TF Mono audio Power Amplifier Board 68W 4-8 ohm Assembled F5-010US $9.86
Lusya TDA7297 Power Amplifiers Audio Board 15W+15W With MP3 WAV Lossless Decoder Board 12V Amp Board G6-011US $8.58
Lusya JC-2 Preamplifier Class A audio Reference Marantz digital Pre-Amplifier Stereo HiFi Audio ZTX450 ZTX550 K170 B1-007US $28.63
Lusya JLH HOOD1969 Class A Amplifier audio Board AC 12V Preamp Board Diy Kits Amp T0305US $17.53 - 21.43
Lusya Stereo Amplifier Audio Board 15W*2 Dual channel Audio for Speaker amp Class D DC 8-24V T0415US $6.63
Lusya DIY Audio Digital Amplifier Board LM4610 Subwoofer Power 2 channels Preamplifier tone amplifier board LM4610+NE5532 D3-006US $19.16
Lusya 2Pcs FET Board Dual channel stereo Power Audio Amplifier class A 5W DC19V DIY KITS G2-013US $13.98
FX D802 Remote Control USB/Optical/Coaxial Input HiFi Home Digital Audio Amplifier 80W*2 24Bit 192KHzUS $86.90 - 104.99
Lusya 3 way audio input Four-channel PT2313 digital tone board with LCD display for car beyong LM1036 NE5532 Pre-amplifier T0424US $14.80
XH-M139 TPA3116D2 2.1 Digital Audio Amplifier Board 2*80W+100W Subwoofe Audio amplificador DC24V D3-005US $10.98
Audio pre-amplifier microcomputer processing volume control board (power on automatically adjust the sound) Remote volumeUS $10.65 - 17.37
TDA7377 Power Amplifier 2.1 DIY kit 3 Channel Sound Audio AMP Board 12-18V DCUS $7.86
25 w UHF radio power amplifier car radio transceiver automatic conversionUS $53.38
30W Amplifier Board Audio bluetooth Amplificador USB dac FM radio TF Player Subwoofer DIY Amplifiers For MotorcycleCarHomeUS $11.22
VU Meter Driver Board Upgrade TA7318P Pre-amplifier /Tube Amp Chassis DB Level MeterUS $9.50
12V Portable Power Amplifier MP3 SD USB Audio Player Reader 3-Electronic Keypad Control with RemoteUS $8.00
Kinter MA - 150 Mini 500W 5V Hi-Fi Digital Power Stereo Amplifier Loudspeaker Booster DVD MP3 Speaker for Car MotorcycleUS $10.83